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Entremet Grain d'Antan


For the Dacquoise meringues

For: 3 entremets 20 cm in diameter - 1 dessert 18 cm in diameter

Preparation Ingredients
Stiffly beat 140 g egg whites
Fold 35 g sugar
Sprinkle 170 g half and half almond powder
Mix carefully and form into spirals 16 and 18 cm in diameter.  


For the feuilletine

Preparation Ingredients
Melt 200 g milk chocolate couverture Origine Ghana 
Add 200 g Hazelnut paste 
200 g pure butter Pailleté Feuilletine™
Cover the dacquoise discs  


Pâte à bombe (Sabayon)

Preparation Ingredients
Mix 400 g water
50 g glucose syrup
400 g egg yolks
120 g powdered milk in a mixing bowl 
Heat in the microwave at 85°C  
Beat and leave to cool  
Set aside  


Chocolate mousse

Preparation Ingredients
Whip 780 g double cream 
Melt at 50°C the dark chocolate couverture Origine Venezuela
Add  1/4 of the whipped cream
Whisk till smooth  
Mix in 385 g pâte à bombe (Sabayon)
Add the rest of the whipped cream
Pour the chocolate mousse into the round, up to the half-way mark  


Hazelnut mousse

Preparation Ingredients
Mix 440 g Favorites d'Autrefois praliné
125 g Hazelnut paste
5 g vanilla
Heat the mixture at 50°C  
Cool to 35°C  
Add 285 g pâte à bombe (Sabayon)
770 g whipped cream
Mix til smooth, fill the second half and freeze  



Preparation Ingredients
Remove from ring and glaze with Brillance Noire
Decorate with pink macaroons
a disk of white chocolate
hazelnut or almond nougatine