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Six great, super talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers will this year compete in the UK pre-selection for the international competition of the World Chocolate Masters (WCM). Six people with a deep knowledge of chocolate, with skills of real masters and limitless creativity will compete together and against each other. Who will be the best? This week we are introducing the first contestant: Martin Chiffers.


You deserve a bit of pampering, don't you? Enjoy this indulgent recipe by one of the world's best pastry chef - Jordi Roca.


Let us finish this pre-Easter week with the lovely Easter recipe by Domenico Camporeale. Happy Easter!


Following last week’s Easter feature, this week we are presenting creations by another three pastry chefs from London.


Violettes are one of the first indicators of spring. Today we are sharing the spring with you with this beautiful recipe by Vincent Vallée, the winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2015 .


Easter is just around the corner, which for pastry chefs, means lots of work, creativity and a great challenge to prepare beautiful Easter collections. We have checked out what some of the best pastry chefs have been preparing for Easter.


Today is Jack Bowden sharing with us some sunshine through his fantastic passionfruit and mango recipe. Enjoy!


Can you imagine working surrounded by some of the greatest pieces of contemporary art as well as having the privilege of enjoying one of the most beautiful views of London? 


3 Trends of tomorrow

Discover Chef Nicolas Dutertre the 3 interpretations of the real Chou, inspired by the trends of tomorrow.


2 recipes refreshed

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Ramon Morato accepted the challenge to refresh his view and create two recipes.


3 Mont-Blanc creations

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Chef Miquel Guarro accepted the challenge to refresh his view and way of creating the French Mont-Blanc.


3 versions futureproof

Discover Chef Jerôme Landrieu interpretation of the French Cream tart, inspired by the trends of tomorrow.


1 Classic 3 interpretations

Discover Chef Wielfried Hauwel interpretation of the Marble cake, inspired by the trends of tomorrow.


1 icon 3 recipes

Inspired by the trends of tomorrow, Philippe Bertrand accepted the challenge to recreate this iconic recipe.


On December 5th, 2016, Cacao Barry held a chefs table dinner hosted by Chef John Kraus of Rose Street Patisserie featuring a handpicked set of eight Minneapolis area chefs.


In her interview with us Carina Heimberg mentioned her favourite chocolate dessert - William Drabble’s chocolate mousse cake. He agreed to share his recipe with us.


Discover soon the first chocolate part of The RaRe Chocolates Collection, exclusively available for members of our #CacaoCollectiveCommunity.


Carina Heimberg’s story is fascinating. She went through many challenges, but her determination, and love for her work were strong enough that she never gave up. The unfavorable circumstances made her stronger. Her career started in Germany …


Erik Van der Veken is sharing with us his recipe for the Bushido bonbon which he presented at Catex.  He says: "It hits all the taste buds with a bit of heat, acidity, saltiness, sweetness, bitterness and umami; It’s the kind of bonbon that makes people go “what on earth am I tasting??”


Erik Van der Veken obviously enjoys his creative talent, pushing himself to try out unusual flavour combinations which may be quite challenging for some people. He was stimulating the Irish palates at Catex, Ireland’s largest foodservice and hospitality show, presenting his new collection of bonbons.


If you enjoyed Ririn's interview, you can now try out this indulgent recipe created by the talented pastry chef.


Ririn grew up in Indonesia in a family where her mother ran her own restaurant. The young girl wanted to study to become a lawyer, but her mother insisted she should go to a catering school. She listened to her and slowly fell in love with the profession. 


From March 5 to 7, 2017, the" cream of the cream "of the young world cuisine, trendy, talented and hardworking, met in the heart of Paris for a few  "Omnivores“ days.


Can you handle something really decadent?

Enjoy this fantastic recipe by Christophe Morel!


If you enjoy watching the great masters of chocolate shaping their fantastic creations in a competition that includes stunning showpieces, delicious desserts, beautiful bonbons and innovative concepts of food on the go, we have some great news for you!