Or Noir Lab Testimonials from international chefs


"These days, mass products are everywhere. If we want to stand out, we need to find unique products."


"I got the greatest satisfaction from my customers' compliments who recognise me in my MEXIKO SUPERIOR, a truly unique chocolate."


"For me, OR NOIR™ represents excellence in the chocolate universe. Supported by the Cacao Barry team in the OR NOIR™ laboratory in Paris, I developed my own chocolate which reveals the whole complexity of taste."


This 5 star hotel, voted the Best European Hotel in 2010, created its exclusive range of chocolates using an OR NOIR™ recipe.


Emmanuel RYON, World patisserie champion in 1999 and Meilleur Ouvrier in France ice-cream maker 2000, created two couvertures to develop the brand. His milk and dark OR NOIR™ couverture chocolates are now the basis of all his products.


"Our customers were thrilled, delighted and flattered to take part in glazing our chocolate, and that boosted sales."


"OR NOIR™ gave us the opportunity to create our own blend from cocoa mass from different countries. The taste we created meets our customers' expectations perfectly."


Shigei HIRAI, winner of the World Chocotale Masters 2009, won 500 kg of OR NOIR™ couverture in his prize. He created his OR NOIR™ recipe to coincide with the opening of his shop in February 2012.


In March 2012, Sergio worked in the Paris laboratory, accompanied by Syrco Bakker, chef at the "Pure C" Michelin starred restaurant. After two days of tasting and debriefing, Sergio and Syrco created two unique chocolate recipes


In 2009, Markus A. BOHR, made use of the OR NOIR™ laboratory's tools to create two milk and dark couverture chocolates exclusive to HARRODS.