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The name of the new Cacao Barry chocolate ‘La Esmeralda’ refers to the Spanish name of the plantation which it comes from.


Enjoy this very special dessert by Andres Lara, beautifully uniting chocolate with exotic fruits.


Rediscover the creations of our Cacao Barry Chefs with our "Invasion of the Plants" recipes


The vibrant energy of summer has spread to the pastry kitchens. Today we talk to one of the world’s best pastry chefs, Andres Lara, who is currently working as Cacao Barry® Executive Pastry Chef for Asia Pacific. In the past his career took him to learn in the kitchens of many important pastry chefs (Jacquy Pfeiffer, Paco Torreblanca and Albert Adrià, to name a few) and his work experience ranges from Chicago’s Park Hyatt Hotel to elBulli, Noma, and beyond.


The word NIKKEI means "Japanese outside of Japan" and is the name by which migrants of Japanese origin and their descendants are designated. “Llueve in Peru" is Ramon Morato’s  tribute to the Nikkei kitchen.


A fabulous Venezuelan dark golden rum, distilled from molasses in a copper pot before 12 years of ageing is a base for these delicious bon bons. This rich, sweet and fruity rum is beautifully paired with Cacao Barry Zephyr chocolate.


After a look into the pastry kitchen of the South-Tyrolian superchef Andreas Acherer, who shared his summer news with us last week, let’s return to UK, this time to Leeds, to see what’s new for the Trigg couple of Lauden Chocolate.


Discover the Flavour Dinners happening in Toronto. Chefs are challenged by Cacao Barry to create a unique menu pairing chocolate with one ingredient of their choice. A unique experience.


This visually very distinctive dessert hides in its core the beautiful flavours of summer. Enjoy the recipe!


The vibrant energy of summer has spread to the pastry kitchens. Today we talk to Andreas Acherer, the Italian Cacao Barry Ambassador and the owner of the Acherer pastry shops in South Tyrol.


Enjoy this lovely summer recipe by Andreas Acherer, the Cacao Barry Ambassador from the Italian South Tyrol.


Sol Over Gudhjem was once again held on the island Bornholm and Cacao Barry was the sponsor of the Dessert competition. Jesper Foldager from Nobis hotel, Casper Sundin from Nordlandet and Tommy Friis from Fru Larsen were the participants. 


The 26th of June White Guide Nordic was launched in Copenhagen Denmark and Cacao Barry was of course one of the sponsors of this amazing launch. The launch was celebrated with a trend seminar, prize ceremony and a gala dinner. The launch was joined by more than 200 journalists, policy makers and restaurant professionals.


Eleven North American pastry chefs were whisked away this summer to one of the most unique and respected cocoa plantations in Dominican Republic; Hacienda La Esmeralda.


On 8th July 2017 six super talented young pastry chefs gathered at the UK Chocolate Academy centre in Banbury to showcase their skills and creativity at the sixth edition of the Junior Chocolate Masters. 

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