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Souvenir de Toscane

Praline biscuit

Preparation Ingredients
Beat 400 g egg yolks
40 g granulated sugar
450 g Praliné Tradition Lenôtre

Separately, beat

390 g egg whites
190 g granulated sugar
Mix the two together and sprinkle on 200 g sieved flour
Smooth out 800 g per baking sheet
Powder with Pailleté FeuilletineTM before baking


Panacota cream


Preparation Ingredients
Bring to a boil 600 g single cream
45 g butter
180 g granulated sugar
30 g lemon zest (non treated)
3 vanilla pods
Add 24 g sheets of gelatine
Cool to 30°C  
add 30 g Cointreau
And at 20 600 g whipped cream

Saint-Domingue cream

Preparation Ingredients
Poach at 85°C

560 g milk
150 g egg yolk
150 g granulated sugar

Add 22 g sheets of gelatine
Strain over 450 g dark origin couverture Saint-Domingue
Add to finish at 30°C 800 g whipped cream.


Julienne of semi-preserved lemons

Preparation Ingredients
Peel with a vegetable peeler 3 non-treated lemons
Cut into very thin slices (julienne)  
Blanche in boiling water with a pinch of salt
Bring back to a boil and drain  
Bring to a boil 1000 g water
500 g granulated sugar
For 10 minutes, leave to simmer with the lemon zests
Leave to cool in the syrup
With cling film, seal the product
Drain before using  
To give a frosted look, roll in granulated sugar



Preparation Ingredients
Put the dessert together
Smooth it with a wide comb to create wave shapes the dessert
With a palette knife, smooth each side
Spray the frozen dessert with Barry Glace Fondant melted to 45°C
Decorate with semi-preserved lemon zest