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U.K. Chocolate Master Mark Tilling Launches Or Noir

The Or Noir Lab is a unique place dedicated to the most talented “artists” in pastry and chocolate making. There the chocolatiers are provided with the best chocolates and liquors in the world as well as support from the Cacao Barry technical advisors to create their customized and exclusive recipe and their designed moulded shapes.

Mark Tilling, UK Chocolate Master and Chef at Lainston House, after visiting the Or Noir Lab in Meulan (France) and working on the creation of his unique recipe, came up with the fine blends best suited for his use at the Lainston House.

Launching a new Or Noir product is an important event, but Mark Tilling, UK Chocolate Master and chef at Lainston House wanted to do more – he wanted to use the launch event to raise money for a charity, to “give something back”.

On Friday April 3, 2009 Mark Tilling launched his new exclusive chocolates at Lainston House in Winchester to a party of over 80 guests. As a wonderfully generous gesture, he offered to have a raffle and an auction on the evening of the Or Noir launch and give all the proceeds to the “Winning Together” charity (a Barry Callebaut initiative to raise money for schools in Ghana) .
The evening consisted of the launch of the new dark and milk chocolates - that entered carried on a platter surrounded by fireworks to a rousing ovation. This was followed by six course meal that had chocolate in every course.