New Cacao Barry® packaging

New packaging for an
optimal protection of

Flavours at the heart

Cacao Barry® presents the next generation packaging and design for optimum flavour protection.

You are in constant search for inspiration and knowledge, focusing on unique flavours and process transparency. Our role is to catalyze your creativity by unlocking the sensorial richness of cacao.

For this purpose, we have been working on important upgrades on your chocolates’ packaging, while boasting our new identity which is all about flavours and cacao expertise.


New packaging Origine chocolate Ghana

Advantages of the new packs

  • The bag is reclosable and equipped with a “fresh zip” - enabling an easy opening and closing (without scissors) for convenient daily use.
  • A new 100% airtight, moisture barrier and high puncture resistance material guarantees the best flavour protection.
  • The bag is very easy to store (horizontally ánd vertically). 
  • Even when stored, you will still be able to quickly identify the chocolate thanks to prints on all sides of the bag.
  • It has an excellent standing thanks to flat bottom design.
  • The bag is easy to recycle once empty.
  • You will be able to identify each reference quickly on the new designs.
  • All key information can be found in a glimpse (e.g. cocoa percentage, fluidity, chocolate format, net weight, etc.)
  • Flavour illustrations and descriptions will give a hint to the chocolate's taste.
  • Additional information is provided on cacao genetics and the origin of products (e.g. cacao variety, map of origin countries, etc.

As a first introduction, the Plantation and Origine chocolates will carry the new Cacao Barry® brand identity.

We are convinced that this new packaging will inspire you. By offering a unique flavour experience, showing a new identity, and introducing the sensorial richness of cacao, we aim to support you in your everyday challenge to delight your customers with taste creations and perfect results.