A postcard from Peru by Astrid Gutsche

Regards from Peru. Photo: courtesy of Astrid Gutsche

Astrid Gutsche, the very talented pastry chef from Peru, the female half of Astrid y Gaston and Gaston Acurio’s lovely wife, was presented already a few weeks ago here. Now she has surprised me with a wonderful postcard from Peru which I am happy to share with you:

Hi Andreja,

Here is my second baby!
I love this one! It’s so light but with different flavours which embellish the plain but delicate flavor of white chocolate ! It was kind of hard to get that meringue shell so thin, but depending of the light it creates a great effect in the plate. Soon I´ll get the third one. It is almost ready.

Photo: courtesy of Astrid Gutsche

So what is it about…

I am still trying to use Peruvian ingredients. Opposite to the first one, in this case I did use white chocolate. It is a very light desert. A very thin but still crispy meringue flavoured with raw cacao powder and grounded red pepper corns gives us this almost naughty lightly spicy and astringent flavor. Inside is a classic and rich white chocolate cream. I like to add a bit of Amaretto to that. Underneath a frozen carrot sand and carrot croûtons  which will take care of the crispy but at the same time refreshing part of our desert. We top the white chocolate cream with an elegant Huacatay ice cream. Huacatay is a fine herb that we use a lot in the Highlands of Peru. Personally I love it especially when we use it to prepare our spicy sauces.

Photo: courtesy of Astrid Gutsche

An espresso jelly will be bouncing out of the shell once you break it with your spoon.  Just a few drops of a raspberry air seems like it would be fighting with the red pepper to show that you don’t need to be spicy to highlight a meringue and white chocolate.

Un abrazo



Big thanks to Astrid and warm regards to her and her lovely family from London.

I will be glad to receive such lovely postcards inspired by chocolate also from other chefs. Please feel free to send them to me at andreja.lajh.cdc@gmail.com and the loveliest will be published.