Tea Collection

Tea is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. However, behind this everyday infusion, beyond the boxes of tea on show in specialist shops throughout the world, there is a thousand-yearold history that plays a role in the social and cultural tradition of many nations.

The most commonly used variety is assam (sometimes called C. sinensis assamica or C. assamica) and the plant from China (called C. sinensis sinensis), as well as various crossbreeds of both of them. In this case, we wanted to pay homage to this thousand-yearold product associating it to our chocolates and, although tea is cultivated on all the continents, we wished to pay tribute to Asia, the home of tea, with five chocolates perfumed with five Asian teas.


Lapsang souchong is a black tea originally from Zheng Shan part of the Wuyi Mountain in the province of Fujian, China. It is a tea made with smoked leaves, generally cultivated at an altitude of between 3,500 and 5,000 metres.


Jasmine tea has a history that goes back more than a thousand years, from the times of the Song dynasty, and has a basis of green tea and white tea.


Matcha is a ground green tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha tea comes from the leaves of tea that is grown in the shade, which are ground and steamed. 

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