CacaoCollective Sustainability Engagement

CacaoCollective Sustainability Engagement

Driven by 175 years of expertise, Cacao Barry unlocks the sensorial richness of cocoa to raise the standards in pastry and to elevate chefs’ creativity and hence success. Sustainability is therefore one our brand’s key priorities as we  want to guarantee the livelihoods of farmers, and future availability and diversity of original genetic cocoa flavours to keep challenging the standards of pastry by being Chef’s preferred  partner chocolate brand.


The proximity and trust established with our partner plantations enable us to share the unique, bespoke and real stories of our chocolates.

By organizing Chefs plantation trips to origin countries, we aim to elevate chef’s inspiration and increase farmers engagement and recognition.


Cocoa and chocolate. Farmers and Chefs. We aim to bring farmers and chefs together as their lives are directly connected and their mutual expertise can inspire each one of them.

Proximity. Knowledge. Expertise. The combination of these three elements ensures transparency on cultivation methods, good agricultural practices and innovative processes implementation. A permanent priority in guaranteeing the future availability and quality of the finest cocoa.


Cacao Barry supports cocoa farmers in their natural, professional and social environment through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation and the Q-fermentation program. By supporting these two programs, Cacao Barry pays two different premiums.