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Jonathan Blot's recipes

Let's discover Jonathan Blot's recipes

Take your pick : "cocoa tofu and mango plated dessert", "blood orange and cocoa chocolate cheesecake" or "peanut, banana and chocolate wedding cake" ? Download french pastry chef Jonathan Blot's recipes developed with Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% from Pureté range. 

What is Pureté? An intense, pure flavour made from 100% sustainable and traceable cocoa. This chocolate is delivered with an optimized farmer-to-chef program to ensure the creation of high-quality cacao that provides chefs with the freedom to pair with different flavours.

For every kilo of Pureté sold, a premium goes towards training the farmer to protect plantations and increase their income. Pureté is brought to you by a 5,000-strong community of farmers from about 16 cooperatives. For each kilo of Pureté chocolate sold, $ 0.30 is donated to the Cocoa Horizons foundation.

Climate-friendly cocoa is about improving biodiversity at the farm level, supporting climate smart farmers, and running intelligent, deforestation-free farms based on sound agroforestry practices.

We plan to implement this ambitious 6-year plan to let nature thrive. Apart from distributing and planting cocoa and non-cocoa trees to restore farmland, we also want to raise farmers’ awareness on environmental protection by investing in farmers’ expertise post-harvest. We will use GPS farm mapping to ensure cocoa is not being sourced from forested land, and distribute cleaner energy cook stoves in farmer homes to eliminate wood-burning stoves.


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