RUGOSO 71% | RaRe Chocolate #2


The RaRe Chocolates Collection

RaRe Chocolates Collection : fascinating stories, remarkable flavors.

As worlds’ leading chocolate brand on flavor, we seek to protect and sustain the diversity of fine flavor cacao genetics by unveiling the most fascinating flavor stories.

While seeking for the most bespoke fine flavor beans, we ensure to protect and support families and communities cultivating the most hypnotizing fine cacao genetics/flavors while encouraging the implementation of future agricultural and sustainable practices.

A fully transparent and limited availability selection of outstanding chocolates, all having in common humans with a passionate and compelling story to cultivate cacao, hence bring these chocolates to life.

RaRe limited edition chocolates from remote regions unleashing the most daring cacao flavors.

Taste : Outspoken flavor profile, either one love it or hate it.
RaReness: Limited edition “Millésime” beans.
Human stories : Compelling plantations/communities stories.
Traceability : 100% traceable beans.
Creativity : forthright flavors pushing the boundaries of chefs creativity.

Rugoso Plantation

100% Nicaragua single origin beans

Nicaragua is located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean the Caribbean Sea. It’s a land rich in flora and wildlife. Nicaragua is called “The land of lakes and volcanoes” for its countless volcanoes, most of which are still active, as well as lakes, rivers and lagoons that provide beautiful landscapes.

Nicaragua has a tropical climate and agriculture provides most of the economic stimulus due to the many opportunities this land gives to its people. The most productive areas in the country are in Bocay, El Cua, La Dalia and New Guinea. We also work with farmers in the protected reserve of Bosawas, the largest forest reserve in Central America.

The story of Rugoso is linked to the story of 400 families rehabilitating one region of Nicaragua through the culture of cacao. Its story is also what makes it unique as the Rugoso beans are 100% Nicaragua single origin beans are fine trinitario acriollado beans with up to 40% of white beans per batch.

Ingemann (our trading partner) guarantee each farmer a 30-year market access at a premium price, which is higher than any existing premiums.

Ingemann Fine Cocoa is a family owned and managed supplier of fine cocoa from Nicaragua. They source different types of cocoa with clearly distinguished flavor profiles and single varieties such as Rugoso.

The Flores family

With the launch of Rugoso, we are sheding a light to the story of one of the families cultivating this RaRe cacao: The Flores family.

The Flores family managed a coffee culture prior to founding its cacao plantation in 2010. 

Don Juan is the father of the family, his son “Juanito” ismanaging the plantation, and Juan’s son, 9 year old Fernando is proud to say that he will “work in the plantation when he is older”. The entire family, including the grandmother, mother and sister, live in the same house, 30 min away from the closest town, in a farm with 3 Ha of cacao and cattle. Juanito is keeping record of all the numbers: production, yield, payments, and realized his most profitable crop is cacao. 

Fernando is in charge of keeping records of data from a meteorological station that Ingemann has installed in the farm for a climate change mitigation project currently in development (Project Adapta), and his sister Yocasta is keeping records of data regarding some trees that Ingemann has identified for the same project.  Discover the Project Adapta

Rugoso is available in limited quantities, contact your sales representative today to have the chance to order our RaRe Chocolate #2.


Rugoso 71% Dark Chocolate Couverture

Moulded with Cacao Barry® traditional pistoles format, Rugoso dark chocolate couverture has 71% min. cocoa and 42% fat. It is only available in 1 kg bag.


"Rugoso" unveils warm notes (woody, spicy) whereas our RaRe chocolate #1 La Esmeralda 74% deliver fresher notes (citrus) that are more commonly recognized and appreciated by all.   


Rugoso Recipes by Chef Philippe Bertrand