Rugoso plantation trip

Throwback to our Rugoso plantation trip

Throwback to our Rugoso plantation trip

Cacao Barry seeks to sustain and protect the diversity and bespokeness of origin cocoa flavour. The partnership with Ingemann is hence the perfect celebration to bring farmers and chefs closer together. Ingemann Fine Cocoa is a family owned and managed supplier of fine cocoa from Nicaragua. They produce an array of different types of cocoa with clearly distinguished flavor profiles and single varieties such as the Rugoso.

We took a few privileged canadian and american chefs in April 2019 to visit one of the plantations producing the single origin beans of our Rugoso 71% RaRe chocolate.  We have collected all their recipes inspired by this amazing experience. Read below some of their testimonials and get this collection by completing the form!

Yokasta by Florent Cheveau

“Yokasta was created following my trip in Nicaragua, I developed this dessert with the product that are present around the chocolate plantation like rum, caramel sugar, and banana leaves of the Banana are part of the process to cover and give shade for the cocoa tree and the farmer that I meet specialized in the bean for the Rugoso chocolate. The dessert is named after his daughter that is trying to go to college, she is the first one in her family that is trying to study to leave the hard working life in farm and creating a different path…“

- Florent Cheveau, Executive Pastry Chef of Las Vegas' MGM Grand Hotel -

Rugoso chocolate souffle, exotic sorbet by Christophe Rull

“I feel so grateful to have been invited by Cacao Barry to Nicaragua “on the road of the Cacao”. It has been a dream that came true and a big eyes opener. Meeting with local people and share their culture was an amazing human experience and definitely give me a better view of what it takes to have chocolate on our plate. Walking in the jungle surrounded of cocoa tree was a feeling that I couldn’t explain , you have to be there to understand!!!!! From now, what I will do from it? I want to educate people, from my Pastry team here at Park Hyatt Aviara , the #1!!!! To the front of the house and our guest , I am talking about chocolate to everyone around me. I even have a meeting coming up with the front of the house to share this adventure and make them try my new dessert called “ on the road of the cacao” inspire by this trip and using the Chocolate Rugoso 71%. I will serve it
with a banana, pineapple passion sorbet. This dessert as a true meaning, when we were on the plantation of the Flores Family, we got to cook a dessert from the local fruits bought in the morning and you could see the expression on the face of Papa Flores y Juanito when they tried our rice pudding served with our exotic fruits and chocolate sauce from their Chocolate Rugoso. Eyes watering.”

- Christophe Rull, Executive Pastry Chef at Park Hyatt Aviara, San Diego, California -

Rugoso bar by Chloé Migneault-Lecavalier

“I am a big lover of praline and decadent products. It is for this reason that I decided to make a marriage of fl avor between the Rugoso, marshmallow and cashew praline. During the trip to Nicaragua, we met young people who sold cashews which gave me the idea to incorporate cashew praline with Rugoso. The mixture is absolutely delicious!“

Chloé Migneault-Lecavalier, ⁠Co-founder of Lecavalier Petrone, Québec -

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