The Chocolate weekly 29 - 2015

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food which is known to produce the same chemical in the brain as falling in love.

But now scientists have shown that chocolate need no longer be a guilty pleasure after finding that eating up to two bars a day appears to protect against heart disease and stroke.

Although dark chocolate has long been known to have health benefits, the new study found that milk chocolate may also provide valuable nutrients which lower the chance of heart problems.

It is the latest research to highlight the value of the treat. Previously chocolate have been shown to reduce memory loss, prevent diabetes, reduce stress, protect the skin against sun damage and lower cholesterol.” could we read in the Telegraph a few days ago. You can read the entire article here.

Cacao Barry® is offering a wide selection of delicious milk chocolates.  Which one is your favourite?


A slightly sweet milk chocolate with a dominant taste of cocoa and milk.
A “new generation” chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, thanks to the new and unique method of fermentation : the Q fermentation.


This Papua Origin milk couverture chocolate, very creamy discloses pretty fruity notes of hazelnuts, crowned with a hint of caramel.


This Ghana origin milk couverture chocolate reveals great red fruit and chestnut savours enveloped in powerful cocoa and biscuits notes.


This pale and creamy milk couverture chocolate releases a balanced flavour of milk and cocoa, marked by a fruity-hazelnut taste.

But there is more to discover. Explore the rich world of Cacao Barry® milk chocolate couvertures here and have a happy week!