Frequently Asked Questions


What is CacaoCollective?
CacaoCollective is Cacao Barry®’s official platform for professional chefs to share knowledge, news and inspiration related to the world of Cocoa and Chocolate.

What is the aim of CacaoCollective?
CacaoCollective aims to elevate the creativity and success of chefs by connecting all stakeholders in the chocolate industry.

How is CacaoCollective capable of elevating my creativity and success?
Cacao Barry® has a strong worldwide network to unlock the creativity and inspiration of chefs: a large community of Cacao Barry® chefs and Chocolate Ambassadors as well as Chocolate Academy™ Centers around the globe. Additionally, Cacao Barry® collaborates with all the players in the industry, from cocoa farmers to chefs, and has the power to connect them on a global scale.

How does CacaoCollective help to ensure the future of cocoa?
We truly believe that better knowledge and better transparency lead to a better use of chocolate products and hence will ensure the availability and diversity of fine cocoa across the world, now and in the future.

There are already a lot of other sources for inspiration on chocolate. Why should I join CacaoCollective?
Today most chocolate related platforms offer technical tips and recipes that are product and kitchen centered. Although this is important, we also believe there is an opportunity to truly inspire chefs: not only with ingredients and tools from within the world of chocolate, but also by looking at the worlds of art, fashion, travels, cultures etc.

What are the benefits?
CacaoCollective is inspiring and empowering. By signing up you will be the first to have access to news, inspiration and creations from chefs across the world.

What is Forever Chocolate? 
Forever Chocolate is the Barry Callebaut Group sustainability commitment to be realised by 2025. It consists of 4 bold targets.

What is Cocoa Horizons?
The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is our preferred vehicle to implementing sustainability programs with farmers to achieve these bold FC targets. CHF is mainly funded by premiums in order to continue this good work.

What is Thriving Nature?
At Cacao Barry®, we know that unlocking cocoa’s finest flavor starts from working closely with the farmers. In addition to growing their know-how in post-harvest, we invest in growing farmers’ expertise in running smart, deforestation-free farms based on sound agroforestry practices - practices that result in enhanced flavor and let nature thrive.

What are Cacao Barry® actions?
Distribution and planting of cocoa and non-cocoa trees to restore farms. Farmer awareness raising sessions on environmental protection. GPS farm mapping to ensure cocoa is not being sourced from forest land. Distribution of cleaner energy cookstoves in farmer homes.

What is Pureté?
Intense, pure flavours from 100% sustainable and traceable cocoa delivered with an optimised farmer-to-chef program to ensure the creation of high quality cacao that provides chefs a freedom to flavour pairing.

What makes Pureté special?
The Pureté range is the next generation of chocolates as it has an optimal and unique farmer-to-chef process to offer you the best of nature while encouraging longevity of farmers’ engagement. A program to ensure the future availability of quality cacao :

-        5.000 farmers | 16 co-operatives
-        Cocoa farmer training programs in good agricultural practices to protect plantations, maximize yields and flavour development by Cocoa Horizon.
-        Optimized fermentation for a more intense, pure flavour development with higher yield.
-        Sustainably increase farmers´ incomes by paying a double premium while growing their yearly yield.
-        Segregated flow of beans for maximum quality control.
-        Customized cocoa and chocolate processing to protect the natural flavours of the sources cocoa beans.

What is the Q-fermentation process? 
Fermentation is an essential step in the development of flavours. Cacao Barry® discovered that specific enzymes naturally present in plantations, are able to reveal the purest and the more intense flavours in every bean. Thanks to the Q-fermentation™ process, farmers select natural enzymes and add them to the pulp of the cocoa beans, creating a strong, homogeneous fermentation unlocking the beans boldest flavours.

Why did we include Extra-Bitter Guayaquil to our Pureté range?
As a leading chocolate brand, it is our responsibility to provide chocolates with a high quality taste that is sourced and processed in a responsible way. We aim to ensure the future availability of quality cocoa and chocolate. The Purete range invests strongly in farmer communities and aims to deliver chocolates that are de-forestation free and carbon neutral. As we have full control with Purete on the full farmer-to-chef process, we have certainty that we can deliver on our promise.

What has changed for Extra-Bitter Guayaquil?
By becoming part of the Pureté range, Extra-Bitter Guayaquil now offers 100% sustainable cocoa. The product has its own unique cocoa masse. While Extra-Bitter Guayaquil is 100% sustainable, the COH program is only present today in West-Africa. As we are sourcing 95% of our beans here, it is certified COH for 95%. The remaining 5% beans from Ecuador are sustainable RFA beans.

Is the taste, color and fluidity similar?
The taste has a slightly more intense cocoa taste. It has a good balance between bitterness and roasted notes and has a subtle coffee and chestnut aroma. The colour and fluidity of Extra Bitter Guayaquil remains the same, hence ensuring that the workability remains intact.

Why has the price increased?
The price increased with 0,20 EUR for 5 KG. This is linked to the 2 special programs linked to Pureté: Cocoa Horizons and the Q-fermentation. Together we improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers worldwide through the promotion of sustainable practices and community development projects, by improving the quality, yield and farmer incomes, while ensuring the optimal flavour creation, development and processing. Today we work close with 16 co-operatives and 5.000 farmers and as such we are making an impact to ensure the future availability of quality cocoa by making farmers become part of the solution.

What does 100% traceable means?
The Pureté range has 100% traceable cocoa beans. It means that we have installed a segregated flow of beans from farmer to chef. All the cocoa we use for our Purete range comes from farmers who are trained. The Q-fermented beans are tested and when approved transported to France where they are processed in a special cocoa and chocolate process to ensure the intense cocoa taste is preserved. 100% traceability means that we confirm that all beans selected for the Pureté range are sustainable and are coming from q-fermented beans. With over 5.000 farmers, we rely on our co-operative to help train, source and transport the q-fermented beans. This means we cannot trace each individual bean back to an individual farmer.