Wielfried Hauwel

St. Neva


Wielfried Hauwel calls for Franck Fresson MOF as his father and inspiration in pastry art. Afterwards Wielfried worked as a teacher in Chambre des Metiers de la Moselle and was participant in World Chocolate Masters.

The Chocolate Academy™ Moscou is one of the first professional Academy for chocolatiers and chocolate lovers in Russia and CIS and a great chance to get trained in the art of chocolatier.


"By now I’m fond of Russian culture, it’s rich and spectacular. I’m a passionate person about cultures of different countries. I have been living in Russia for about 5 years and I’m still curious about discovering new aspects of its culture, which is varied, rich and full of traditions. I like to meet and communicate with Russian people, as they like to share stories and experiences, they’re very open-minded and cheerful."


"As for my hobbies I like classic music, because it’s very emotional and inspiring, but mostly I’m fond of soundtracks, that type of music makes all the way that film goes. I like Ballet, Opera, and love to go to Bolshoi Theatre."


Bonbon St. Neva



Beetroot is typically planted at the end of spring and needs between 8 and 12 weeks to mature. It is a deep and fleshy root that grows in the plant of the same name and is eaten as a vegetable. It is available in the market all year round, although it is more plentiful in winter.

Although it possesses nutritionally rich leaves that can be prepared in the same way as chards or spinach, the root is consumed more nowadays, served sliced in all sorts of salads.  


Creative path

The “ST NEVA” is sweet, divine and complicated, just like Russia. It is a mix of pure Alunga™ 41% cacao milk chocolate couverture ganache and rich beetroot, boosted by caramel and balanced with mandarin flavour. All coated with black Extra Bitter Guayaquil 64%.