Jurgen Koens

Carrot, pumpkin, mascarpone and blood orange


Besides Cacao Barry® chef and teacher at the Chocolate Academy™ Centre in Zundert, the Netherlands, Jurgen Koens is co-founder of "Food on Design", a pop-up restaurant located in the engine room of an old factory.


"After spending several hours per day working on my first passion, pastry, I need to clear my mind with a few hobbies and activities.
Overall I like sports with some risks as skiing or snowboarding, or spending time with my mountain bike and travelling in order to discover new places and cultures."


Blood orange


Creative path

"Orange gives people a happy, positive, social and proud feeling, so I wanted my dessert to have a lot of orange in it.

I always search for new combinations. For this dessert I started listing colors, shapes, flavours, textures and frequency. After that I created a moodboard. Then I started a list of ingredients, adding for each ingredient the different textures they can offer. Then I started to assemble. I served it on milk glass with a soft light underneath."