Cacao Barry presents UK WCM contestant: Sarah Frankland

Six great, super talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers will this year compete in the UK pre-selection for the international competition of the World Chocolate Masters (WCM). Six people with a deep knowledge of chocolate, with skills of real masters and limitless creativity will compete together and against each other. Who will be the best? This week we are introducing the third contestant and the only lady within this year’s selection: Sarah Frankland.

You are taking part in the national WCM competition. Did this decision mature slowly or was it a spontaneous decision?

It was a bit of both to be honest, I have always dreamed of doing the competition but actually decided to take part just before the closing date.

Is this your first pastry/chocolate competition or have you already competed somewhere else?

I have done some smaller pastry competitions a few years ago but this is the first one on this scale.

How were your previous experiences?

Each competition taught me to think differently about the whole process as it is completely different to cooking in your own kitchen.

What was your main motive for the decision to participate in the UK WCM?

Everything I do is to gain experience and knowledge, by either pushing the limits of what I can do and by watching and working alongside others in the competition to see their skills.

Did you already start your preparations and if yes, when?

I started preparations almost right away after being selected. I have formulated the concepts for all aspects of the competition by now.

Are you training alone or is anybody helping you?

I will be training with the support of my fantastic team at Pennyhill Park. They have been very supportive and are looking forward to seeing what will be created.

What are you finding most challenging?

Currently nothing but I anticipate the showpiece is my weakest area so I will be spending most of the time practicing and perfecting it.

You are very busy as the head pastry chef of Pennyhill Park hotel, how do you manage to find time for the WCM preparations?

With a lot of dedication on my days off and support from my team.

What do you think are your strongest points for this competition?

The cooking elements of the competition, the snack to go and the patisserie of the day.

Which part of the competition are you looking forward to the most and is there anything you wish you could skip?

I don’t think I would want to skip any part, each area is a skill I am looking to develop so it is all good practice.

A cheeky question: Why do you think you should win it?

I am not sure, I hope my hard work will show some of my best skills to date.

And if you do win it, what will this win mean to you and what will be the next challenge you would take (beside going to WCM)?

Let’s see. I love challenging myself to continue learning, growing and developing as a chef which is why I am taking part in the competition.