Chesnut Buche Du Noel by Heather Kaniuk

Buche du Noel by Heather Kaniuk.


460g    whipping cream
750g    double cream
350g    egg yolks
150g    caster sugar
1 vanilla pod, scraped
10g fish gelatine plus 50g water
Preheat the oven on steam/cook setting at 130c with 20% humidity.

Bring the milk, cream and vanilla to the boil

In a bowl whisk together the egg yolks and caster sugar.

Pour the boiling cream over the egg yolks and caster sugar mix.

Pour the cream mix into a gastromone tray cover with cling film and cook at 90⁰c, until it set.

Pour the set brulee into a bowl and add the rehydreate gelatine

Blitz gently in themomix or with a hand blender until smooth.

Pour into a 60x 40 insert mat.




860g cassis puree
20g ultratex
100g sugar
330g whole cassis, frozen
25g gelatine +125g water
Bring half of the puree to the boil. Add the rehydrated  gelatine.

Add the rest of the puree and ultratex, blitz with the handblender.

Fold through the whole cassis. Set on top of the frozen brulee.

Once set, cut 7cm x 2cm.



300g cream
300g milk
50g sugar
150g egg yolks
1 vanilla pods, scraped
40g gelatin + 200g water
900g chestnut puree
1500g whipping cream
300g icing sugar
First make an anglaise by placing the cream, milk and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

In a bowl, whisk together the sugar and egg yolks.

When the cream is boiling, pour onto the egg mix. Return to the saucepan and cook until 83⁰ C.

Remove from heat, and add the gelatine and mix.

Add the chestnut puree and whisk until smooth. Cool to 30⁰ C.

Whip the cream and icing sugar together until soft peaks, fold into mousse base.


6kg mix                             
1250g    butter                        
1250      dark brown sugar     
375g      castor sugar             
55g        ground cinnamon      
20g        fine salt                     
125g      milk                            
250g      whole egg                 
2500g     flour                          
25g         bicarbonate soda     
500g Cacao Barry Pate a Glace Brune
In the Kitchen Aid, lightly cream the butter and the sugars.

Add the dry ingredients.

Lastly add the liquids and mix to a paste.

Roll between two parchment paper to 3mm, and freeze.

Cut 7cm x 3cm, bake at 160⁰c  6-8minuntes.

When cool, brush both sides with melted pate a glace.


400g whipping cream
1200g neutral glaze
300g water
1200g Cacao Barry Alunga milk chocolate
22g gelatine +110g water
Bring the cream, neutral glaze and water to the boil.

Add the rehydrated gelatine.

Pour over the chocolate and mix until smooth with a handblender.

Use at 40⁰ C.


Pipe mousse half way up Buche moulds.

Place in the brulee insert then cover with remining mousse.

Top with the speculoos biscuit, then palette off any remaining mousse. Freeze.

Demould, then glaze with the milk chocolate glaze.

Garnish with gold feuillitine, confit chestnut and chocolate décor.