The Chocolate Ambassador Club welcomes Erik van der Veken !

The Chocolate Ambassador Club welcomes Erik van der Veken !

Erik van der Veken is a passionate chocolatier and pastry Chef, Belgian native, who travelled all around the globe, especially in the Middle East.  His experience includes working along several chocolate experts such as Stéphane Leroux (MOF ‘Meillleur Ouvrier de France/Best Craftsman in France), Stéphane Tréand (MOF) and the USA team at the World Pastry Cup. He was also a chocolatier at the luxury Hotel Café Royal in London and designed chocolates for the two Michelin-starred ‘The Greenhouse’. 

Currently Erik is Chocolate and Pastry Technical Advisor at Redmond Fine Foods, which specialises in sourcing high quality ingredients. In his role, he constantly shares his passion for chocolate and how to use it.



So naturally Erik became a Chocolate Ambassador for Cacao Barry. The Chocolate Ambassador Club gathers almost 200 pastry Chefs and chocolatiers from all around the world. Passion for chocolate and talent are their common denominators. 

Erik comments “ I love sharing knowledge with my peers and developing young talents, so becoming an Ambassador will be a great opportunity to conduct courses and demonstrations with Cacao Barry and meet talented Chefs.”

He is also really keen as endorsing the role of a mentor as he did for the UK and Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters last year. We are very much looking forward to see at work the young talents that Erik will tutor for the next edition in June 2018.

On top of their role of conducting classes and demonstrations, Chocolate Ambassadors also develop exclusive recipes for the brand they represent and make recommendations regarding product use and applications.

In this community, sharing and learning from each others are key values. And they can count on the support of Cacao Barry to provide them with inspiration to push the boundaries of flavours.

Be on the watch for Erik’s activities, and whilst waiting for his exclusive Cacao Barry recipes, have a look at his Instagram page :  it’s full of inspiring chocolate treats !

A warm welcome Erik to the Ambassador Club, and we are looking forward to your next creation !