Introducing the contestants of the UK&IE Junior Chocolate Masters Competition: Reece Hunt

Introducing the contestants of the UK&IE Junior Chocolate Masters Competition: Reece Hunt

Each year the next generation of chocolate talents showcase their skills during the UK and Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters Competition. For the next edition taking place at the UK Chocolate Academy™ centre on the 9th of June, the contestants will be judged over 3 categories:

• Chocolate showpiece (minimum size 75 cm)
• Snacking bar
• Vegan chocolate plated dessert

This year the  four contestants, will try to impress  the jury with their chocolate passion and artistic skills in order to win the coveted title of UK&IE Junior Chocolate Masters 2018. The winner will have the opportunity to attend the World Chocolate Masters final in Paris during the Salon du Chocolate this October.

Curious to know more about those young chocolatiers we have asked them a few questions about their passion and their preparation.

The fourth contestant we would like to introduce is Mr. Reece Hunt, Innovation Technologist at Bright Blue Foods.

  • How did you fall in love with chocolate and pastry ?

I love the creativity involved in pastry and confectionery, also the fact you can be as innovative as you like. And I l really enjoy bringing lots of different elements together to tell a story.

  • How are you inspired by the theme blue planet ?

Blue Planet is a brilliant theme! There has been a lot of focus on the oceans recently, in the news, documentaries, etc. There are millions of possibilities and I really wanted to be part of the competition because of the theme! I am looking forward to seeing what the other finalists produce. I'm sure there will be lots of creativity and colours on display.

  • How are you preparing for the competition ?

Long hours! Fortunately, the company I work for ( Bright Blue Foods) have been quite generous and have granted me some time to prepare for the competition. I have been starting work earlier and finishing later every day.

For my creations I have changed my mind many times. But I am a strong believer that practice leads to perfection and that hard work pays off!

  • What is your favourite Cacao Barry chocolate ? Why ?

I personally like the 75% Tanzanie origin chocolate. I love how the bitterness hits you but then the fruitiness comes through. And it works so well with fruity flavours.

Another favourite is the 66% Mexique origin chocolate.



  • Any ambition for the future you'd like to share with us ?

My main ambition is to create and develop my own chocolate and patisserie business. I aim to realise high end items and that my creations really 'WOW ' people.

Thanks a lot Reece and we wish you all the best for the Junior Chocolate Masters Competition on the 9th June !

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