Or Noir Testimonial: Jason Bangerter - Canada

Jason Bangerter, 2017 Canadian Chef of the Year

"Every chef is searching for the best tasting chocolate to use in their creations. OR NOIR™ gave me the opportunity to taste cocoa from across the planet. To select, create and define the flavour of terroir. A unique chocolate with profiles like no others. My taste, for my cuisine."

Jason Bangerter, 2017 Canadian Chef of the Year and Executive Chef at Relais & Chateaux property Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa, Ontario, Canada on the creation of Terroir au Lait 40% milk chocolate and Terroir Noir 70% dark chocolate couverture.

Chef Jason Bangerter and pastry chef Rachel Nicholson also featured their OR NOIR™ Chocolates, Langdon Hall’s own signature chocolates: Terroir noir & Terroir au lait designed at Cacao Barry’s prestigious OR NOIR™ Lab in France where the chefs made their own chocolates by selecting cocoa with specific notes and aromas creating a unique flavour profile. The Smokiness, warmth, tradition and land…these are the philosophies instilled into Langdon Hall’s signature chocolate, Terroir.