Episode 1 - The meaning of cocoa

Find out what cocoa means to experts from all around the world.
From Latin America to Asia, people tell us their personal cocoa stories and their thoughts about cocoa.

“You can be allergic to anything, but allergic to chocolate. What is left then?”

Jordi Roca, Pastry Chef at El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars)



“I can see my father when he started this, why he had to put in so much effort, so much time into this. Because it’s not something that you grow it and it will grow by itself.”

Tiara Setiadi, Intergreen Cocoa Plantation Owner

“There’s almost nothing in this world that you can take a fruit of a tree and turn it into something so incredibly valuable and so incredibly important in the lives of so many people.”

Brian Horsley, Cocoa Specialist


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