Meet Georgia Roberts

Meet Georgia Roberts: Contestant of the UK & Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters and Demi Chef de Partie at Lainston House, Winchester.

Georgia Roberts - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters

Where did it all start? How did you fall in love with cooking, pastry and chocolate?

I always baked growing up as a kid because my mum is always in the kitchen so it just seemed natural to turn my hobby into a career. I particularly like the creativity and range of techniques that can be used in chocolate work. 

What or who is your greatest source of inspiration?

I like taking inspiration from as many people as possible to find new techniques and ways of doing things so I am constantly learning.

What has been your favourite culinary creation so far?

I enjoy developing new bonbons because there’s the flavours of the filling to develop as well as the creativity of the design on the outside. 

What motivated you to enter the Junior Chocolate Masters competition?

This will be my first competition so I’m keen to gain experience and I’ve had a lot of support from both my mentor Kris Rushby and head chef Nicholas Bouhelier at Lainston House to go for it and push myself. It’s a great opportunity, so I’m looking forward to the competition day! 

What does the theme “ Thriving Nature” evoke to you?

For me ‘thriving nature’ is about how nature is still managing to grow despite the sometimes poor conditions of the planet and that nature will always succeed and doesn’t rely on humans. The theme is showcasing the beauty of the natural things in the world demonstrating why we should help to preserve it. 

How are you preparing for the competition?

I am practising at the end of my shifts at work and coming in on my days off to keep developing and improving each element. I’m working closely with my head chef and my mentor to get more ideas and tips. 

What is your favorite Cacao Barry chocolate? Why?

I’d have to say Madirofolo 65% because its a dark chocolate but the citrus notes balance really well in it and it compliments lots of different ingredients. 

Any ambition for the future you'd like to share with us?

I want to keep developing my skills and continue learning and hopefully enter some more competitions too!

Georgia Roberts - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters Dessert
Georgia Roberts - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters Showpiece
Georgia Roberts - UK&Ireland Junior Chocolate Masters Bonbon