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To know chocolate, explore new creative concepts and truly unlock its full potential, Chefs are eager to collaborate and exchange their expertise and ideas. More than a platform, CacaoCollective is a community.

By harnessing the power of the collective, CacaoCollective aims to elevate the knowledge, creativity, sense of belonging and success of chefs.


Our Chef and Creative Director Ramon Morató was very curious to learn about the science behind the classic "mousse au chocolat".


Download our latest bulletin, "Honey X Chocolate" by Chef Mathieu Dierinck by filling the form.


Throughout this month discover the "Honey X Chocolate" creative bulletin on CacaoCollective.


The Sheraton’s One Square restaurant in Edinburgh is renowned for delighting their guests with seasonal changes to their Afternoon Tea menu.


In collaboration with Lenôtre, discover our new Praliné 50% Valencia Almonds.


In collaboration with Lenôtre, rediscover our Praliné 50% Piemont Hazlenuts, a refined, rich and Italian in origin 50% praliné.


We have developed 3 new recipes of Praliné Onctueux caramelized


Because in everything we do we aim to challenge the status quo, we have envisioned a fresh perspective on our Nuts collection to fulfill any chef needs.


How can a chou be sublimed by our iconic "Héritage" range and tell great stories to your customers?


Cocoa was first consumed by the indigenous people of the Amazon


How can a chou be sublimed by our fully traceable and sustainable "Pureté" range


Here is Ramon Morato's take on the chou with Mexique 66%


#PurePaste 100% fresh hazelnuts gently roasted to release their exceptional flavour.

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