Rouge Ultime

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Rouge Ultime


Undoubtedly our new N°1. Cacao Barry has launched Rouge Ultime, a Cameroon single-origin cacao powder, to complete its original Universelle collection.

This exceptional cacao powder captivates with its deep and bright magnetic mahogany red, a characteristic colour from the famed red Cameroon sustainably sourced fine cacao beans.

Rouge Ultime reveals an intense and complex cacao taste. The typical but never overbearing smoky notes reflect the characteristics of the cacao variety and the specific soil and climate conditions of Cameroon terroir. Delicate walnut and dried fruit notes complete this unique flavour profile.

Ideal for colouring, texturing and flavouring, this high-fat cacao powder invites you to explore adventurous creative pairing associations in a wide range of applications : sponge cakes, brownies, muffins & cookies, pâte sablée, pâte à choux, mousses, glazings & sauces, hot chocolate, gelatos & sorbets, and more!