Framed Bonbons


Created by
  • Christophe Morel
    Maître Chocolatier - Cacao Barry Ambassador Canada (Montréal)
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Recipe for 225 bonbons

NY Borough: Staten Island.
Crunchy almond praliné, Alunga™ milk chocolate ganache with apple and cranberry Bonbon.
Chocolate used: Alunga™ milk chocolate 41%.
Inspiration: I was inspired by the first habitants of Staten Island, Algonquin Indians.

Recipe components

Milk chocolate ganache, apples and cranberry


Heat the green apple purée together with the cranberries and sorbitol.
Cook to 85ºC and pour over the chocolate and Mycryo.
Leave to set for 2 minutes and mix with the glucose and butter.
Cast into a 34x34-cm and 4.5-cm-high frame, over the praliné croustillant.

Praliné croustillant


Combine the sugar, water and sorbitol to 120ºC. Add the almonds and make a praliné.
Allow to cool on a silicone mat.
Once cooled, process in a Robot Coupe, add the couverture, cocoa butter, milk powder and pailleté.
Temper to 26ºC and cast into a 34x34-cm and 4.5-cm-high frame.


Cut and coat with dark couverture. Garnish with a white chocolate motif.