Caramelised almond and spice dragée

Fall / Winter

Caramelised almond and spice dragée

Created by
  • Ramon Morato
    Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand
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Ingredients for around 5,400 g of dragées
Recipe components


  • 1600g
    Semi-toasted almonds
  • 400g
    icing sugar
  1. Dry caramelise the almonds with the icing sugar in an electric saucepan.
  2. Spread out over a Silpat non-stick baking mat and leave to cool.


  1. Melt the milk chocolate couverture and mix with the praline.
  2. Place to one side.


  1. Place the caramelised almonds in the drum.
  2. Incorporate the gianduja in thread form at a temperature of around 25/27ºC approx.
  3. Incorporate the biscuit at intervals in flake form in such a way that it is properly mixed as the gianduja is incorporated.
  4. Apply some cold air to the drum in order to harden the lozenge.
  5. Continue the process, incorporating the Lactée Supérieure milk chocolate couverture 38% cacao in thread form at around 35ºC.
  6. Finally, give the lozenges a rounded shape by slightly increasing the temperature and speed. Then cool down immediately.
  7. Last of all, incorporate the cocoa powder.
  8. Leave to crystallise for a few hours. 
  9. Sieve and place to one side.


66      g        Powdered cinnamon
34      g        Powdered coriander
34      g        Powdered mace
22      g        Powdered green anise
22      g        Powdered black pepper
22      g        Clove

Mix all the ingredients together into a single powder.
Place to one side.

Comments: Begin the dragée forming operation at a low speed in order to prevent the caramel structure from breaking up and so that the fat comes out of the nuts.

Temp. premises: 20ºC approx.
Humidity of premises: less than 50% RH
Air output temp.: 10ºC approx.