Bonbon Rose Saffron

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Moulded bonbons

Bonbon Rose Saffron

Created by
  • Philippe Marand
    Cacao Barry® chef & CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centres Manager EEMEA
  • Pradeep Khullar
    Executive Chef Mint Leaf of London in Dubai
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Recipe for 260 bonbons of 5g each, uses 6 mini bonbon half-sphere 2,cm moulds
Used Cacao Barry products
Recipe components

Saffron Rose Ganache

  • 325g
  • 5
    pistills saffron
  • 20g
    rose water
  • 25g
  • 30g
    cocoa butter
  • 60g
    almond paste 65%

Infuse the saffron in rose water overnight.
Strain and reserve the saffrn and place in the proofer to dry out. (To be used for the shell crushed)
Heat the cream, almond paste, butter and vanilla pod. 
Pour ouver  Zephyr™ white chocolate at 30°C.

Zephyr Shell


Temper and mould the shells after sprinkling crushed saffron.
Pipe 3.5g of saffron rose ganache in the shells.
Leave to set and close the shell with tempered Zephyr™ white chocolate.