Praline Bar

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Praline Bar

Created by
  • Philippe Marand
    Cacao Barry® chef & CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centres Manager EEMEA
  • Pradeep Khullar
    Executive Chef Mint Leaf of London in Dubai
level 1
recipe for 25 pieces of 35 g each

Uses 2 snacking bar rounded moulds

Used Cacao Barry products
Recipe components

Fennel and Peanut Praline Interior

  • 410g
    Fennel peanut praline
  • 60g
    cocoa butter
  • 16g
    fennel roasted and powdered

Mix all the ingredients and temper together before piping in the ocoa dark chocolate 70% bar shell.

Fennel Peanut Praline

  • 350g
    peanut roasted
  • 225g
  • 75g
  • 21g
    fennel seeds
  • 12g
    liquid sorbitol

Cook the sugar and sorbitol to caramel and pour on the roasted peanuts and fennel.
Cool and crush into a paste with robot coupe.

Ocoa Shell

  • 15g
    Gold color powder
  • 100g
    cocoa butter

Spray the mould with tempered cocoa butter and gold color.
Once dry, mould with tempered Ocoa™.
Pipe 25g of fennel and peanut praline.
Leave to set and close the bonbon with tempered Ocoa™.