Spicy exotic

Moulded bonbons

Spicy exotic

Created by
  • Eugenia Petrenko
    Cacao Barry Ambassador Ukraine
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Recipe for 2 moulds of 3 cm diameter half-sphere
Recipe components

Exotic banana caramel

  • 70g
    Pabana puree Ravifruit (Banana-passionfruit puree)
  • 50g
    35% cream
  • 50g
    glucose syrup DE 40
  • 85g
  • 10g
    butter PF28
  • 1g

Make a soft caramel, deglaze with the hot banana-passionfruit puree, cream and glucose syrup.         
Add the anhydrous butter and cook to 103C.
Add lecithin and emulsify. Pipe at 28-29C.

Tonka ganache


Rub fine the tonka bean.                                                                                                                                          
Mix the cream, glucose syrup, sorbitol and tonka bean and bring to 40C.
Melt the chocolate, cacao butter and the anhydrous butter at 34C.                                                              
Mix the cream with sugars and chocolate with butters, emulsify.                                                                                           
Pipe at 30C.


Prepare the mould by spraying it with tempered yellow, then with green colored cacao butter and with metallic bronze coloured cacao butter.
Pour the mould with Fleur de Cao 70% Cacao Barry.
At first fill 30% of the mould with the banana-passionfruit caramel and then the tonka ganache.
Wait for 8-12 hours until the ganache has crystallised fully.
Cover with tempered Fleur de Cao 70% Cacao Barry.