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  • Ciro Fraddanno
    Choco Gelato Chef, Chocolate Academy™ Milano
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Uses: With its more complex, richer body and, yet, less intense cocoa flavor is the ideal alternative to the classic chocolate gelato made without eggs.
Tips: In order to have a better structure and mouthfeel, we recommend leaving the liquid gelato mix age for one night before the freezing.
It is also important to cool the gelato immediately after processing in a batch freezer. If you plan to serve it shortly after production, it is best to chill it in a blast freezer for 15-20 minutes before using. For gelato that will be stored long-term, we recommend increasing the time in the blast freezer to 45-60 minutes.
What is the best cocoa powder? Plein Arôme
Why? Medium and high alkalised cacao powders bring more premium and richer chocolate flavours. Moreover, ice creams prepared with high fat cacao powders take longer to melt, offering better stability for service. That's why we recommend to use an Universelle cacao powder for this recipe such as Plein Arôme.
This cacao powder delivers a mesmerizing round chocolate taste with notes of caramel that perfectly match the rich flavour that egg yolks provide to the recipe.
Scientific recommendations: In the hot stage an emulsion with the stick blender is strongly recommended in order to create a perfect emulsion and maximum dispersion of the stabilizer (in this case the locust itself bean gum) the proteins and the fibers.
The stabiliser in this recipe is pure locust bean gum. The quantity required may change if a different stabiliser is used. For example, you can find stabiliser products on the market that are premixes of various thickeners and emulsifying agents. If you choose to use one of these products, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for quantity and use. The main objective is to produce a thick mix with a creamy and indulgent texture and good stability. Exceeding the recommended amount of stabiliser can produce a gelato that is gummy.
Egg yolks are important as they act as an emulsifier. In the past, egg yolks were added in large quantities as they played the role of structural agent due to the presence of protein and fat. Today, yolks are added as an emulsifier and to enhance smoothness. Depending on the recipe’s balance, it is possible not to use an emulsifier when using egg yolks.

Used Cacao Barry products
Recipe components

Chocolate custard gelato (with eggs)

  • 549g
    whole milk
  • 130g
    UHT Whipping cream 35% fat

Warm up the milk, the cream and the yolks to 40°C. 

  • 25g
    skimmed milk powder
  • 120g
  • 80g
  • 35g
    Egg yolk
  • 0,25g
  • 1g
    locust bean gum

Pre-mix together all the ingredients in powder and fold in the warm liquid

Stir it well in order to avoid lUmps and pastorize until 85°C.
Emulsify well with immersion blender. Chill to 4°C and allow to rest overnight, if possible.
Stir the gelato mix and churn (freeze) in a batch freezer as a regular gelato.
When it comes out, stabilize the structure in a blast freezer for 15 minutes, otherwise blast freeze for 45 minutes for longer storage
Store at -18°C or serve at the temperature of -11/12°C.