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Created by
  • Martin Diez
    Director, Chef Services Americas, Chocolate Academy™ Center, Chicago
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1 sheet 300mm x 400mm

Uses: Large or individual tart shell bases and cutouts.

Tips: Refrigerate overnight prior to use. The shortbread can be frozen before baking.Once baked, good to store in a dry, tasteless environment.

What is the best cocoa powder?:  Nature Cacao

Why?  The shortbread made with Nature Cacao delivers a rustic roasted cacao taste with notes of cherry, dry fruits and spices. This powder pairs very well with cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant, tonka bean,...
In addition, using a natural powder influences the dough leavening: it gives a lighter texture due to the acidity level of the powder.

Scientific recommendations: As is the case in shortcrust pastry, the gluten network does not develop very much, making it crisp. The crunchy texture is due to the sugar used in the preparation.

Allergens: Egg products, Gluten, Nuts, Lactose

Used Cacao Barry products
Recipe components


  • 120g
  • 75g
    icing sugar
  • 25g
    almond flour
  • 2g
  • 185g
  • 40g

1 Combined cold cubed cut butter, icing sugar, toasted almond flour and salt.
2 Once the butter is completely mixed, add sifted flour and cocoa powder
3 Add the eggs
4 Store overnight in the fridge