The Junior Chocolate Master 2015 competition

The Junior Chocolate Masters at work. Photo: HdG

Five bright young talents have gathered at the Junior Chocolate Masters competition to show their talents to the judges and small number of invited public. All of them love chocolate, but each of them has different ambitions. We asked them what is their relationship with chocolate and where do they see themselves in 20 years from now. This is what they said:

Sebastian Williams:

“Chocolate means everything to me. It brings me back to my childhood. It is always connected to emotions. Whenever I feel down, I have a chocolate bar. Chocolate is also something we eat when we celebrate and are happy.

In 20 years I will be hopefully teaching young people and hopefully inspire them.”

Jack Lewis:

“Chocolate is my way of reflecting my creativity. For me it’s like a form of art. I can’t draw, I can’t paint, but by working with chocolate I can become almost an artist.

I’m not sure yet what will happen in twenty years time but I definitely see myself in food or pastry.”

Dominic Hutchings:

“It’s my way of expressing myself and the world that surrounds me. Whether it’s nature or music, you can run wild with chocolate and your imagination.

In 20 years I would like to become a Master of culinary arts and hopefully compete in the World Chocolate Masters. “

Quentin Béchard:

“Chocolate is a great passion for me.

In twenty years I hope to win the Meilleur Ouvrier de France. That’s my ambition.”

Reece Hunt:

“I’m relatively new to the chocolate world but I definitely have a lot of passion for it.

In twenty years I see myself running my own business with many awards.”

The Junior Chocolate Masters winner Quentin Béchard. Photo: HdG

After an intense day of competition at the fourth edition of the Junior Chocolate Masters, Quentin Béchard from the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard has been awarded the coveted title of UK Junior Chocolate Master 2015! The contestants battled it out in this day long competition during which they had to create a chocolate showpiece (minimum height 50cm), 30 moulded pralines and 4 plated desserts, all around the competition’s theme: “Inspiration from Nature”.

Working on the plated dessert. Photo: HdG

The competition took place at the UK Chocolate Academy centre in Banbury on 10th June 2015

Olivier Nicod, one of the judges, looking at Sebastian Williams’ sculpture. Photo: HdG

The standard of the competition was extremely high and the contestants amazed the judges with their level of skill. Yolande Stanley head of judges commented “We were anticipating to be amazed and we were totally rewarded. Well done to all  5 young competitors at the Junior Chocolate Masters – they delivered innovation and excellence during 7 hours of total motivated focus ….we all came away with tips and tricks that they had worked so hard to deliver – thank you”. Also judging was Ruth Hinks, owner of Cocoa Black and Olivier Nicod, Chocolate Consultant from Nicod-Rogerson.

Sebastian Williams with his sculpture. Photo: HdG

Second place went to Sebastian Williams from ME Hotel.

Runners up were Reece Hunt from BE Chocolate, Jack Lewis, Chocolatier and Dominic Hutchings from Coworth Park.

We are wishing to each of them a lot of passion and success also in the future and to reach in 20 years time at least all that what they are dreaming of now.

The Junior Chocolate Masters competition was organised by

The chocolate sculpture by Quentin Béchard. Photo: Martin Chiffers.