Walk in the woods - by Philippe Bertrand & Martin Diez



4 bottles of 500 ml

Brown caramel

Make a brown caramel with 200 g of sugar

Inaya™ hot chocolate

Lower the cooking temperature of 1100 g of milk, 250 g of cream, 230 g of chestnut paste pulp, and 3 g of paprika powder. When the mixture is at temperature of 80 ° C , add 300 g of dark chocolate couverture Inaya™ 65% and 70 g of Pure pate de Pécan.


Mix the Inaya™ hot chocolate with the brown caramel. Pour the hot chocolate in its container.


Sprinkle hot chocolate with cocoa powder Plein Arôme.


Serve hot chocolate at 60 ° C with a milk foam for more intensity in taste.


After a walk in the woods what about a gourmet break? Enhance the fall season with beautiful savors and smells before resting. Create a warm and cosy atmosphere with some chestnuts and chestnut hulls.