Julie Sharp

Parsnip, honey and cardamom cake


A truly cosmopolitan character is the best way to describe Julie Sharp. She was born in Cyprus, brought up in Hong Kong and other locations in the Far East, educated in England, a world travelled, internationally respected Pastry Chef with a CV including Australia, Canada, London and the Bahamas.

Returning to the UK in 2002, within two years she became the Craft Guild of Chefs Pastry Chef of The Year in 2004

Since 2009 she has guided countless students to further their knowledge of chocolate from the Cacao Barry academy in the UK where she still continues to inspire others on the world of possibilities that the chocolate industry has to offer.


It can be a chaotic career when you’re a chef Cacao Barry®. Down time is a precious commodity to spend with friends and loved ones but also a time to indulge in a passion or hobby, for Julie the allotment she keeps with her partner Richard is a special place.


Parsnip, honey and cardamom cake

Parsnip, honey and cardamom cake



Few other vegetables take so long to reach maturity, need so many factors to succeed such as correct soil types, the absence of stones to prevent the plants from ‘forking’, adequate watering without waterlogging and finally, nature’s own icing - hard frost which adds the natural sweetness which give the distinct flavour appreciated during the winter months and well into spring.


Creative path

How a small patch of land can be a provider of exercise, productivity, tranquility, floral wonders and food is something amazing. It’s here on this simple piece of land, growing parsnips among her other fruits, vegetables and flowers that Julie was inspired to create this recipe almost as if nature had intended it.



"I have always been a fan of carrot cake. The moisture that the vegetable adds to the texture of the sponge made me want to replicate the eating experience. I began to think parsnip, which I find is delicious roasted with honey but still needed another ingredient to add a sharpness which would complement the sweetness of the honey. The answer lay in the English Bramley apple

A little spice in the form of cardamom seeds and suddenly the cake was beginning to come alive. Later searching for a suitable chocolate to accompany my cake I used the Itinero app. The obvious choice was the Ghana 40% Origin."