BACCHUS chocolate by Quéntin Béchard

Quentin Béchard, the youngest UK World Chocolate Masters competitor, in this selection, is sharing with us his lovely chocolate recipe.

500g UHT cream
125g trimoline
62g sorbitol powder
4g Jamaican pepper
2g cinnamon stick
2 cloves
700g Cacao Barry Venezuela 72%
350g Cacao Barry Alunga 41%
235g red wine

Boil the cream with the sugars and infuse the spices for 10 minutes. Pass it through a
chinois. Bring the infusion to 80°C and emulsify with the chocolates.

Slowly add the red wine (room temperature) until the emulsion is nice and shiny. I use old red wine for this recipe - at least 7 years old - but it obviously depends of what you are looking for.

Pour the ganache at 29°C in to a 8mm frame and let it cristallise for 48h before you cut.

Mix red shiny powder with a clear alcohol like kirsh and dip the tip of a star nozzle into it, lightly touching  the surface of the non crystallised dark chocolate coating to have this effect.

Once the chocolates are cut you can separate them and let them dry for 12h to get an optimum result.