Cacao Barry presents UK WCM contestant: Quentin Béchard

Six great, super talented pastry chefs and chocolatiers will this year compete in the UK pre-selection for the international competition of the World Chocolate Masters (WCM). Six people with a deep knowledge of chocolate, with skills of real masters and limitless creativity will compete together and against each other. Who will be the best? This week we are introducing the second contestant: Quentin Béchard.

You are taking part in the national competition for WCM. Was this decision maturing slowly or was it a spontaneous decision?

It is something I always wanted to do and when this year’s theme was announced I found it deeply inspiring so I really felt motivated to take part.

Is this your first pastry/chocolate competition or have you already competed somewhere else?

I have participated in a few competitions but the UK Junior Chocolate Masters that I won in 2015 was the most challenging.

What was your main motive for participating in the UK WCM?

I see this as a very natural step in my career. I am in a situation that I have the support, confidence and opportunity to do this.

Did you already start your preparations?

I haven't started practicing yet. I like to put all my ideas together in the first place and have a clear picture of what I want to create.

Will you be training alone or will anybody help you?

I have my team and my chefs supporting me and I'm very grateful for that. I have friends who are offering their help and also my fiancée is supporting me and this is very important for me.

What are you finding most challenging?

The theme!  Finding ideas, designs etc  that nobody has thought of before. This is all
very challenging but at the same time very interesting and inspiring.

You are very busy also with your regular work, how do you manage to find time for the preparations?

As normal in such situations:…. keep doing my work and practice afterwards as well as during the days off. I suppose we all reduce our sleeping time during the preparations. I also try to keep fit doing sports. I believe it is very important to stay in a good physical and mental shape.

What do you think are your strongest points for this competition?

My strongest point is probably my capacity of staying calm and focused under any

Which part of the competition are you looking forward to the most and is there anything you wish you could skip?

I'm really looking forward to the “Food on the go”. I think it is very exciting to develop an interesting concept. And yes, in all competitions there is one thing that I wish I could skip... the worse moments are those when we are waiting for the announcement of the winner. It is a moment when you start questioning everything - your training, your work, your performance …

A cheeky question: Why do you think you should win this competition?

I feel very much involved with this year’s theme, so I would like to take this opportunity  to bring up some of the very important issues and questions that we will be facing very soon.

And if you would win, what would this win mean to you and what will be the next challenge you will take?

It would mean that my objectives are not only my dreams but that I am actually capable of winning.
My next challenge is, I will be working on some new ideas and projects, that will be looking at new techniques in chocolate production.