White chocolate (34% cocoa)
A modern white chocolate with a low percentage of sugar
and higher in milk solids, rich and intense.


Zéphyr™ white chocolate (34% cocoa)

Possible combinations proposed:


Zéphyr™ white chocolate (34% cocoa)

Final selection


The result
For the white chocolate bonbon, a ganache with Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate was proposed, perfumed with passion fruit. For the first time, we created a pure Arbequina olive oil liquid filling perfumed with basil, which was then texturized to obtain a creamy mouth feel and piped into the bonbon.

The tasting chronology was first the white chocolate bonbon, then the dark chocolate, and finally the milk chocolate, since it was smoked and contained red miso, giving it greater complexity and personality. To pair with the white chocolate bonbon, the Penedés wine Fransola 2013 from Torres was chosen. It is a lively, dry wine with passion fruit and basil aromas, two of the ingredients selected.


White chocolate and passion fruit –
olive oil – basil