Chou x Nuts

How can a chou be sublimed by our "Nuts" range and tell great stories to your customers?It’s a total new and fresh perspective on our Nuts range, all 100 % Mediterranean. By respecting nature cycles, we protect the diversity and intensity of flavors. With this new optimized Nuts collection, we provide the best products and tools for all chefs to elevate their creativity and grow their businesses.

Here is Ramon Morato's take on the chou with Praline onctueux caramelisé
50% & Praliné Heritage 65% Almonds/Hazelnuts.

" Pure, natural flavours, freshly sources and processed. Respect for nature with proximity to farmers. No artificial flavours. It’s all about the mastering of caramelized sugar and nuts

Flavour: Combination of hazelnut, almonds with orange and yuzu.
Technique: Traditional caramelized praliné with a festival of textures.
Format: Golden color due to the caramelization. It is a choux in the form of a cylinder between two praliné cookies and a hazelnut cream on top.

And you, how would you crack the nuts full potential?

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