Christmas pudding gateaux by Sarah Barber

Sarah Barber, the executive pastry chef of the The Ned shared with us her lovely Christmas pudding recipe

Christmas pudding gateaux by Sarah Barber


120g butter
80g Christmas pudding blitzed to paste
110g caster sugar
140g ground almonds
25g T55 softflour  
25g Cornflour
2 whole eggs
3 whole eggs

Cream the butter and the sugar until lightly and fluffy, add the 3 eggs and mix slowly. Gradually add the dry ingredients. Add the last batch of 2 eggs at the end with the Christmas pudding paste and mix well. Spread onto a tray and bake at 165°C 80% humidity full fan for 12-14 mins.


116g Cacao Barry Zephyr chocolate
60g Christmas pudding infusion ( 40g homemade Christmas pudding with 20g cream)
10g trimoline
20g butter

Bring the infusion to the boil, pour over the melted chocolate and trimoline, add the liquid in 3 stages, emulsify with the butter.


50g whipping cream
50g whole milk
50g brandy
60g egg yolks
10g castor sugar
7g gelatine
18g egg whites
5g castor sugar (for meringue)
270g whipping cream
1 lemon zest

Make an anglaise with the brandy and lemon zest, egg yolks and sugar, cook the base to 75°C, remove from the heat and add the gelatine. Chill base on ice bath to 30°C. Make a French meringue with the egg whites and sugar, fold through the base and lastly fold through the soft peak cream.


50g whipping cream
50g whole milk
2g gold powder
50g neutral mirror  glaze
3g gelatine

Bring everything to the boil, add the soaked gelatine, pass through a fine chinois and use at 26c to glaze the frame. cut and portion 10cm by 3cm.


Pain de gene
Then ganache on top of the sponge
Then the lemon brandy Mousse
Then gold glaze and decoration on top