Passion Fruit Banana Bon Bon by Stephen Espouy

When you find yourself dreaming of warm sun and exotic places, but you’re stuck in the city doing everything else, it’s time for the passion fruit banana bon bon by Stephen Espouy, which will, with its rich flavours of exotic fruits and chocolate, transport your mind to a beautiful exotic island of your own.

Passion Fruit Gnache

Cacao Barry Héritage Zéphyr White chocolate 605 g
Passion fruit pulp 232 g
Butter  90 g
Trimoline 65 g
Cocoa Butter 30 g
Total weight   1022 g

Heat the Passion fruit pulp and trimoline to 70°C, partially melt the chocolate and cocoa Butter. Bit by bit add the passion fruit to the chocolate forming an emulsion. At 35/40°C add the softened and diced butter. Pour on top of the Banana Ganache. Leave to crystalise for 24 hours at 18°C.


Banana Ganache

Banana Puree 150 g
Cream 35%   45 g
Trimoline   30 g
Cacao Barry Héritage Lactée Supérieure Milk Chocolate  225 g
Cocoa Butter   10 g
Butter  45 g
Total   505  g

Bring to a boil the Banana puree and cream, add the trimoline and pour over the chocolate and cocoa butter bit by bit making an emulsion. At 35/40°C add the softened and diced butter. Pour in a 1cm high frame.

Coating: Cacao Barry Héritage Passy Dark Chocolate
Decoration: Orange Razor Line
Frame: 1cm
Cutting Size: Rectangle 22 x 30mm