Sakura Cherry-Wasabi Entremet by Andreas Acherer

Enjoy this lovely summer recipe by Andreas Acherer, the Cacao Barry Ambassador from the Italian South Tyrol.

Cherry brownie

0.720kg Cream
0.250kg Sugar
0.620kg Cacao Barry Louvre 71%
1.260kg Egg white
0.570kg Sugar
0.840kg Egg yolk
1.240kg Roasted hazelnut flour Piemonte IGP

Heat the cream and sugar, until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the mixture over the chocolate and mix until you get a homogeneous texture. Whip the egg white and sugar, slowly mix in the liquid egg yolks, the ganache and finally the hazelnut flour.
Place four frozen cherries into the tartlet moulds and fill the moulds with the mixture . Bake for 20min at 180°C.

Cherry jelly

3 kg cherries
0.150 kg sugar
0. 020 kg violet pectin
0.040 kg gelatine powder
0.110 kg water

Warm the cherries to 70°C. Mix sugar with violet pectine and add it to the cherries. Cook for 3 min. Melt the gelatine in water and add it to the cherry mixture. Let it cool in small silicone forms then shockfreeze.

Cherry mousse

0.410 kg cherry puree
0.105 kg sugar
0.023 kg lemon juice
0.020 kg gelatine powder
0.050 kg cold water
0.576 kg cream

Blend Cherry puree, sugar, lemon juice. Melt the gelatine in water and add it to the cherry puree mixture. Whip the cream and slowly mix it into the mixture. Put it into small silicon forms and top it with the frozen cherry jelly.

Wasabi mousse

0.360 kg egg yolk
0.140 kg egg white
0.295 kg sugar
0.003 kg Madagascar vanilla
0.034 kg Wasabi powder SOSA
0.065 kg water
0.038 kg gelatine powder
0.125 kg water
2.340 kg cream

Mix the Wasabi powder with water. Melt the gelatine in water, warm it up and mix it to the egg yolks. Blend egg yolks, egg white, sugar and vanilla and wasabi. Whip the cream and add the wasabi mixture.

Put the cherry brownie into dessert forms, fill it with wasabi mousse, top it with the frozen cherry jelly and cover with wasabi mousse.

Wasabi meringue

0.400 kg water
0.065 kg egg white powder
0.025 kg wasabi powder
0.400 kg sugar
0.800 kg sugar
0.200 kg water

Whip water, egg white powder and wasabi powder. Slowly add sugar to create a meringue.
Boil sugar and water to 120°C, leave to cool and add the whipped egg whites.
Dress the dessert with the meringue using a piping bag with a small nozzle, sprinkle with chopped dried apricots.