Yann Couvreur takes over our Chicago Chocolate Academy!

Yann Couvreur takes over our Chicago Chocolate Academy!

At the end of June, Chef Yann Couvreur taught a masterclass at the Chicago Chocolate Academy Center. Students has the opportunity to see him create many of his famous pastries à la minute. He even celebrated his birthday while here in Chicago - we had fox balloons and birthday cake galore! 

These five pastries are just a few of the stunning pastries Chef Yann Couvreur prepared as part of his class. They all reflect items you'd find in his shops in Paris.

  • "Tarte Framboise" featuring pate sucree, tarragon cream, and fresh raspberries
  • "Baba Peche Amande" featuring pate a baba, peach compote, and vanilla chantilly
  • "Entremet Exotique" featuring vanilla financier, exotic cremeux, mango cilantro insert, and vanilla ganache
  • "Eclair Chocolat Lait Coco" featuring pate a choux, almond coconut praline, and milk chocolate ganache
  • "Paris Brest" featuring pate a choux, hazelnut praline, praline buttercream, and caramelized hazelnuts

After day one of Chef Yann Couvreur's masterclass at the Chicago Chocolate Academy Center, Cacao Barry hosted a meet & greet at Apogee Lounge in the Dana Hotel & Spa downtown Chicago. Two of Chef Yann's famous pastries were there for sampling:

"Merveilles" featuring french meringue, Lactée Supérieure 38% milk chocolate whipped ganache, and hazelnut paste

"Renard Chocolat Noir Sobacha" featuring Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% dark chocolate mousse, buckwheat biscuit, caramel, and buckwheat praline crunchy

The event was a meeting place for Chicago's pastry scene, media, students from the Chicago Chocolate Academy, and specialty distributors. Frosé, refreshments, and hors d'oeuvres were served to accompany Yann's miniature desserts. The chefs of the Chicago Chocolate Academy also prepared a petit four and a delicious Zéphyr Caramel ice cream featuring Cacao Barry's newest product, Pépites Cacao Zéphyr Caramel.


Check out the highlights below!