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To know chocolate, explore new creative concepts and truly unlock its full potential, Chefs are eager to collaborate and exchange their expertise and ideas. More than a platform, CacaoCollective is a community.

By harnessing the power of the collective, CacaoCollective aims to elevate the knowledge, creativity, sense of belonging and success of chefs.


Armagnac, honey, spinach ... Explore new aromatic creative pairings with our Inaya 65 % dark chocolate couverture #UnboxCreativity.



50% discount on polycarbonat moulds


Re-discover Lactée Supérieure, our 38% milk couverture chocolate, part of the Pureté collection.


Read more about the World Chocolate Masters BOOTCAMP


Meet Philippe Bertrand, Cacao Barry Chef and Director of the Chocolate Academy in Paris, France.


Our creative Director Ramón Morato decided to dedicated this month's bulletin to the alchemy of tea and chocolate through the creation of 5 recipes.


Let's embark with us on a journey to Doninican Republic where the Rizek family has been leading the way for the production of the finest organic cacao beans since 1905..


Discover our chocolate academies around the world.


Cacao Barry is taking part in "Forever Chocolate", a pledge to achieve never-heard before goals for a sustainable growth within the industry.


We'd like to share our love for Adriano Zumbo from Australia.


Birch syrup, white miso, blue cheese, espelette pepper ...
#UnboxCreativity and explore new aromatic creative pairings with our Ocoa 70% chocolate couverture.



Cacao Barry values rich and deep flavors by championing origin cacao.


Watch S01E09 of our Cacao Collective documentary: Drying.


Meet Jérôme Landrieu, Cacao Barry Chef and Head at the Chocolate Academy in Chicago, USA.


Cacao Barry partners with Food for Soul and Massimo Bottura in the opening of Refettorio Madeline in the heart of Paris.

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