Episode 10 - Cocoa Culture

Different countries, different cultures, similar practises. Cocoa farmers all over the world thank mother nature, deities, saints, or ancestors for all the elements allowing them to produce cocoa: rain, water, earth.

Each culture has different ceremonies or rituals to express their respect and joy.

"This song actually speaks about cocoa, about the farmers who produce cocoa. It is the traditional dance called “Sacalava Antakarana” from the Maganja region. [... ] It is dedicated to our ancestors and to our land."

Henry Aristide, Technical coord. for environment and ecotourism, Northern region of Madagascar

"Another concept is for example the one that Mayas and Chontal Maya people have. One of the important ceremonies performed with cocoa has to do precisely with goblins."

Miguel Ángel Rubio, PHD in Anthropology, Responsible at INAH Mexico DF

"We give thanks to nature, give thanks to the rain, to the water, to the ground. For a whole year of work, for a whole year of health, for a whole year of harvest."

Bernardino Montero, Culture Manager at CDI, Nacuja, Tabasco

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