Episode 12 - The Future of Cocoa

The world of cocoa is evolving. Demand is growing, and farmers need to be aware that their role is key in maintaining and improving cacao quality.

Also, according to cocoa expert Philippe Troplin, the future lies in the non-standardisation of cocoa. We need to preserve, grow and find the typicities of cocoa through genetics or through the learning process of the farmers. After all, the way cocoa is cultivated has a significant impact on the quality of the end product.

"If he produces very high quality, he will sell it more easily and he have a better life."

Valentine Detalle, R&D Cacao Barry, Meulan, France

"I think that sowing cocoa is a good investment at this time, taking into account the increasing demand and the entire global situation."

Wilbert Phillips, International expert on cacao. Catie, Turrialba, Costa Rica

"A comprehensive land management, with cocoa, with timber, with livestock farming with all the activities produced but keeping the person, the citizen in the middle of it all. Improving the quality of life. That ́s what I hope."

Fabiola Munoz, Forestry and Wildlife General Director, SERFOR Executive Director, Lima, Peru

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