Origami Penguin Mould

Origami Penguin Mould by Chef Julie Sharp

To complete our Origami Range, discover this new mould of18 cm high created by Chef Julie Sharp.

Intemporal mould, it can be a winter animal which can be used for Christmas, an Easter character being an animal and be part of the origami range with eggs (15 cm : MLD-090614-M00 and 18 cm :  MLD-090613-M00) & rabbit (MLD-090615-M00).

Reference : MLD-090642-M00

Box number : 302

Dimensions of the penguin : 180 mm x 70,8 mm x 68,7 mm

Dimensions of the plate : 275 mm x 175 mm x 40 mm

Weight: +/- 125 g
Number of prints: 2 / plate
Number of plates: 2 / box

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