Cacao Barry as a brand of Barry Callebaut, leader and trusted partner in the global food chain, we play a critical social role in continuing to produce food products during these challenging times.

To do so, we have put in place precautionary measures, in many cases going beyond the requirements of governments and local authorities, to provide safe environments to work, protect the communities and help our people who are the heart of our operations.   

Our focus is on doing our utmost to continue supporting all customer demands, whilst navigating through challenging times and difficult realities. Through transparent communication and close collaboration we will support you in finding solutions and opportunities.

Please contact your Cacao Barry contact should you require any assistance.   

We have dedicated issue teams at global and regional level who monitor the situation as it develops and will adjust any measures or actions based on the guidance of the World Health Organization, CDC, governments and other relevant authorities.  

We look forward to helping you in doing business un-usual.  

Cacao Barry Team



We honor everyone's sense of responsibility in these precarious times by expressing here our deepest support to the whole community of chefs, our customers and partners who are joining the fight against the global spread of Covid-19 by closing or reducing their activities until further notice.

We know how difficult these times will be for all as we are entering uncharted territory. But together we can continue to exchange, encourage and care for each other.

Creativity is what binds us together and nourishes our passion, so let’s keep being creative in the coming days from our home kitchens.

Let's think of this time as a well-deserved moment of rest, of reflection and the opportunity to further explore our common passion and be inspired.

We stand all united in these complicated time, but let's also be "digitally" together, to exchange ideas and get the best out of this situation.

Let's stay creative, let's stay safe.


Not without my chocolate

Not Without My Chocolate is a FREE & NEW service, born from the desire to bring joy and a smile on peoples faces while supporting your local neighbourhood chocolate, pastry, coffee and restaurant business community. Together we will get through this. Learn more about this new platform and register now so that your business is found!

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Chocolate Academy online

Distant learning is certainly one of the best ways to turn the spare hours into extra skills.

We support our community during crisis time. Get free access to our most popular courses!

The CAO team remains available to answer your questions any time. 


Gourmet Handbook

Keep your business going in the reality of COVID 19.  Fill out the form and get your free copy!



In reaction to COVID-19, many foodservice establishments are shifting to delivery, pickup & drive-thru options only.

Let's spread awareness for your local pickup and delivery options. ⁠Our support is needed more than ever.


The Pastry Alphabet book

Reviewing your basics is the best ways to build your creativity! Our chefs have made learning the foundation of French Pastry easy by selecting and perfecting the best recipes for you.⁠ The Pastry Alphabet book is now available online for delivery worldwide. (20% off from 22/03/2020 to 22/05/2020 by entering the promotional code ALPHABET in the voucher)

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A Mother's day unlike any other... but always filled with love and gratitude towards those who take care of us every day! ❤️ This week- end, even if it was cold and windy, it was heartwarming to give to the healthworkers of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, more than 2500 chocolates handmade by 4 chocolate masters: Lecavalier Petrone, Joane l'Heureux chocolats, Chocolat Boréal et Christophe Morel Chocolatier. This gift was made possible thanks to all of you who donated generously and to Cacao Barry who doubled the amount! ❤️ Thanks to our collaborators Fondation HMR, Andrea Doucet Donida from Cacao Barry and Sylvain Dufour from Edgius!

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