WholeFruit Chocolate Innovation

Discover WholeFruit chocolate!

A uniquely pure expression of the cacaofruit, the new WHOLEFRUIT chocolate provides chefs with the true essence of what Nature intended:

  • Made from 100% pure cacaofruit
    Nothing else added: no refined sugars, no lecithin, no vanilla.
  • Zesty & Fruity flavors like no other
    Rediscover the natural freshness of the cacaofruit.
  • 100% sustainably sourced
    Upcycled use of the cacaofruit & improving farmers' quality of life

WholeFruit chocolate is the flagship of our Pureté range. Pureté is focused on the respect and valorization of the cacaofruit. It is the association between art and science, uniting sourcing capabilities, technical expertise and meticulous processing methods.

The cornerstone of Cacao Barry.

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